The Canadian Association of University Research Parks / Association Canadienne des Parcs de Recherches d'Université (AURP Canada) is pleased to announce that Cisco Systems Canada (Cisco) has become the first associate member of the Canadian Association.   A worldwide leader in networking, Cisco offers a variety of solutions for commercial multi-tenant research and technology parks.

Cisco’s Connected Real Estate Model demonstrates how the building of the future will be intertwined with Internet technologies from its inception, transforming the process of design, construction, operation, and usage.  The building of the future will rely on connectivity to improve the occupant experience, maximize building performance, preserve existing investments, and conserve the increasingly scarce resources required to build and operate a property.  Connectivity will be built into the fabric of every building, new and existing, allowing all properties to take advantage of the huge opportunities created by the Internet revolution.

“With Connected Real Estate delivering significant financial and operational advantages to multi-tenanted facilities, our newly-formed partnership with Cisco will reap considerable benefits for all 26 technology parks across Canada,” says Dale Gann, President of AURP Canada.  “We are very excited to welcome Cisco as AURP Canada’s first associate member.”

AURP Canada is also pleased to announce today that Michael Oster, National Director, Public Sector Business Development for Cisco Systems Canada will address AURP Canada’s First Annual Summit in Edmonton, Alberta on May 14, 2008.  Michael Oster is responsible to lead Cisco’s strategy in Education, Provincial and Municipal Government within Canada.  Michael joined Cisco in 2000 and has spent eight years in Sales for Cisco Canada.  Michael has a quarter-century of progressive experience in Information and Communications Technology including IBM and Sun Microsystems.  Prior to joining Cisco in 2000, Michael spent eight years in technology start-ups including middleware and network management.

AURP Canada’s First Annual Summit is Canada’s most comprehensive conference for members and stakeholders of research and technology parks, offering representation from all 25 technology parks in Canada, industry partners, and members of government.  The Summit will offer an opportunity to network with leaders of research and technology parks from all over Canada and explore common initiatives and possibilities for collaboration.  AURP Canada’s First Annual Summit will be hosted by the Edmonton Research Park in Edmonton, Alberta on May 13-15, 2008.