Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10:00 am PT – 5:00 pm PT

Insititute of Ocean Science Auditorium
9860 West Saanich Road
North Saanich, Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Preliminary Program Abstract

The Cooperative Ocean Innovation Network, COIN Pacific has established a record of bringing private, public and non-government communities of interest together to map out the operating context for the growth and development of the Ocean Technology Sector in British Columbia. The 2008 Forum comes at a time when there appears to be a lack of movement on the vast expanse of the Ocean  economy, while just below the surface, huge surges in energy are moving the goal posts for how we define sustainable growth of the industries that Ocean Tech supports.

We now know the scope of the extent of the Pacific Ocean Economy in terms of contributions to the Canadian and British Columbia economies, and some of the prospective potential for sectors that are emerging in the near term. Armed with this intelligence, COIN Pacific has assembled an unrivaled cadre of leaders to help paint the heads up display of the current environmental scan of this dynamic sector, account for new initiatives, and declare what can only be called a rallying point for an integrated approach to the Ocean communities of interest on the Pacific.

Join us for this fast paced working Forum where the financial proceeds will seed a new Ocean and Marine Scholarship forming part of a Legacy being leveraged and managed by British Columbia Innovation Council via the British Columbia Innovation Foundation. COIN Pacific acknowledges and appreciates the support of the British Columbia Innovation Council, Ocean Renewable Energy Group Canada and Ocean Industries BC and the Institute of Ocean Science, Fisheries and Oceans CANADA.



9:00 – 10:15        Registration

10:15                  Welcome and Program Overview

10:45                  Ocean Tech’s Contribution to the $12B GDP Ocean Economy

11:15                  Growing the Ocean Economy by Focused Application of Ocean Technology

12:00                  Lunch Break

12:30                  Growing the Coastal Communities and their Economies

13:15                  Mobilizing the Necessary Enablers

14:00                  COIN Pacific Forum Focus Groups

15:00                  Nutrition Break

15:30                  Ocean and Marine Summit (June 2008 Oceans Week)

16:15                  Ocean Initiatives Onboard

16:45                  Declaration & Communications Plan

17:00                  COIN Pacific 2008 Forum Adjourns






For further program details or to register by phone, please contact Irene Phan, British Columbia Innovation Council at or (604) 602-5238 by 12:00 pm Thursday, April 24th, 2008.