The Canadian Association of University Research Parks / Association Canadienne des Parcs de Recherches d’Universite (AURP Canada) is pleased to announce that Avocet 3D Images Inc. has become an associate member of the Canadian Association. Specializing in visualization, Avocet 3D Images creates computer-generated photo-realistic images of exterior and interior spaces for research parks expansion projects.

Avocet 3D’s images can be used to attract new investors and tenants, provide visualization images for master plans,  zoning  and funding applications, determine design issues before construction, and generally act as an important communications tool. Their services range from quick conceptual renderings for very early planning discussions to highly detailed photo-realistic images showing new spaces as they will appear at completion of construction. Avocet 3D specializes in creating renderings for existing as well as new buildings, surrounding lands and infrastructure, landscaping and individual components.

“The benefit of visually portraying master plans allows institutions to address inefficiencies and irregularities that may exist in design prior to construction,” says Dale Gann, president of AURP Canada. “Visualization is a critical step towards creating technology parks of tomorrow. We are delighted to have Avocet 3D join AURP Canada as an associate member.”