The Canadian Association of University Research Parks / Association Canadienne des Parcs de Recherches d'Université (AURP Canada) is pleased to announce the release of their inaugural issue of CanadaNOW Magazine.  AURP Canada represents a membership of twenty-six university related research and technology parks across Canada.  This publication brings together the collaborative interests of the parks, government, business and academia spanning the breadth of the country.

Canada has a strategy for its technological future. An important part of that plan, both provincially and federally, includes university research parks. Canada’s parks play an integral role in helping government meet its economic objectives.

The very fabric of research and technology parks reaches from coast to coast by providing the nation with focal points of technological innovation. These parks represent more than just buildings; each park provides a playing field that melds the explorations of academia, the interests of government and the market savvy of business. The parks provide a physical place for the value-added activity required to grow ideas into commercial entities and drive our economy forward.

Every nation is searching for the tools and engines that can stimulate a knowledge-based economy. To stay on top demands an environment that encourages, supports and retains creative thinkers while providing access to the business acumen necessary to convert ideas into tangible enterprises.

“Since the incorporation of AURP Canada, the parks are working together like never before”, says Dale Gann, president of AURP Canada. “Our parks contribute in a meaningful way to technology transfer, commercialization and the facilitation of collaborative partnerships, key priorities of our country and our Association.”

Today, Canada’s twenty-six research and technology parks are already home to over 950 hi-tech companies and research centres. AURP Canada stands ready to join with all levels of government in creating opportunities for policy-makers, industry and academic leaders to engage with each other in the common purpose of creating jobs and improving the quality of life through the stimulation of economic development.

The first annual issue of Canada Now will introduce you to each of these parks, their targeted industries, key initiatives underway and the clients they serve. The collective work of these parks and the communities they represent act as important engines in keeping the Canadian economy relevant and at the table of change.



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About AURP Canada

The Association of University Research Parks Canada (AURP Canada) is the first chapter of the Association of University Research Parks (AURP), a North American non-profit organization that represents the 155 university research parks across the United States and Canada. AURP Canada was founded in June 2007 with a mandate to work with provincial and federal governments to support innovation within Canada. The mission of AURP Canada is to act as the united voice of Canadian university research parks to build awareness in support of science and technology infrastructure enabling all stakeholders to achieve future growth and sustainability while nurturing the economic prosperity of these knowledge-based communities. AURP Canada currently represents 26 Research and Technology Parks from Truro, NS to Victoria, BC.