You may have noticed some activity in the main parking lot at VITP and we’re happy to announce that we are finally upgrading our parking lot with an AquaPave Permeable On-site Stormwater Source Control System provided by Bricklok Surfacing and Landscape Supplies.

Sticking with VITP values, we have chosen an environmentally friendly and LEED approved system that has many positive benefits. AquaPave offers lower construction and life cycle costs with its pedestrian and disability friendly surfaces that eliminates surface runoff, reduces pollutants in the environment and provides water harvesting, traffic calming and geothermal systems solutions. It is a highly recognized product for storm water management and we are proud to house this product on our property.

The AquaPave system helps to clean and improve the quality of runoff water by filtration through the base and microbial action, and in many instances the outflow can actually be re-used for irrigation of domestic and commercial landscapes.

Phase 1 of this project will see two full sections of the parking lot completed, as well as the main entrance. Construction began in July 2013 and is expected to be finished sometime in September, while the rest of the parking lot will be completed at a later time. We appreciate your patience while this is taking place. If you have any questions regarding the upgrade process please feel free to contact VITP maintenance!

For more information on this product and its benefits, visit their website.

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