We are happy to finally be able to announce that Victoria Makerspace and Biobit Enterprises have taken up residence at VITP! After some building construction to bring the Innov8 Hub up to code (you may have noticed the new staircase on the front of the building!) and some major renovations to two of our suites, these two companies now officially have a home. You can expect to hear a lot about Victoria Makerspace over the coming months as the community becomes aware of everything this place has to offer.

The Victoria Makerspace is a member-run non-profit toolshare collective. They maintain a shared workshop of woodworking, metalworking, electronics, biology, and other light manufacturing tools. They teach classes and the workshop is available to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They exist to help their members develop and use technology to support everything from hobbies to startup businesses.

Biobit Enterprises offers clients computer and biotechnology consulting services. With a full microbiology lab and state of the art genome engineering technology, Biobit can assist in everything from bioinformatics and pure research, to creating newly engineered organisms with specifically engineered characteristics.

We hope that employees at the Vancouver Island Technology Park will check out our new tenants and hopefully continue to get involved in all of the exciting activities taking place. Check them out on our website: Victoria Makerspace and BioBit Enterprises!