MTC has a new tenant! We’re happy to announce that Pureleau has officially taken up residence at the Marine Technology Centre.

Pureleau (Pure-l’eau) is an advanced technology company founded in 2011 by Resman Holdings Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta to pursue innovative low energy methods of water recovery from ocean and similar saline and brackish reservoirs. The ever increasing demand on drinkable water for human consumption, agricultural and industrial use, urges development of new desalination technologies. To date the company has proven feasibility of a patented process known as capacitive deionisation (CDI).  Our mission is to bring smart technological innovation to the looming crisis of global water shortage.

The core group of researchers include Lawrence Lambert, P.Eng.  B.Sc. UVIC (Hons. Physics, Mathematics); Juan Pablo Bravo, Ph.D  Materials Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, and  Greg Eaton, CET, microelectronics specialist.

CDI achieves water purification by electrically inducing ions absorption from seawater (or other aqueous sources) onto high surface area electrodes. This low energy method is an ideal synergistic technology for use with solar or wind power; as CDI requires extremely low voltages i.e. typically < 1.5 VDC. It is expected that a working system can be achieved at energy budgets < 1/10th of the existing desalination industry standard of Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Pureleau efforts will focus in bringing affordable desalination systems to the drinking water market.  Pureleau R&D activities will involve design and development of specialised sensors for water quality monitoring; a second generation CDI ion pump design, advanced electronic nanomaterials engineering and other related clean water technologies.

We’re looking forward to an exciting future with Pureleau! View our website for contact information and we will keep you posted as more details come about!