VITP tenant iDUS Controls Ltd. is expanding and taking up additional office space in the Collabor8 Suites! Here is an update directly from Ron Hartman, President of iDUS Controls.

“iDUS has spent the last year in beta launch mode deploying, refining, demonstrating and conducting 3rd party validations of SensMit on three continents in a variety of commercial Ag applications, enabling us now to point to our SensMit Platform as the hardened industry-disrupting data pipeline for in-field agriculture sensor readings. SensMit is like a pipeline with a terminal – sensor-data streams into branches extending globally, and is rendered consumable at the cloud-based terminus we’ve built.

Two of the world’s top three pivot irrigation companies are deploying our technologies or variants of it, and a growing subset of agronomists are enhancing their businesses by reselling (to their client bases) the data streams that SensMit can generate more easily and economically than anything else in this space.

We have been a virtual company with widely distributed team members, and are now gradually consolidating/building iDUS’ resources here, in anticipation of some rapid growth.”

Congratulations on an exciting year for iDUS Controls and we look forward to hearing updates down the road!