Congrats to the 62-year old local tech firm Daniels Electronics who were just acquired by Australian company Codan for $25M. The good news is Codan plans to keep operations local and retain Daniels staff.

Codan designs, manufactures and markets a diversified range of high value added electronics products for global government, business, aid and humanitarian, and sophisticated consumer markets. The Adelaide, South Australia technology company’s core products are radio communications systems, metal detectors and mining technology solutions.

It’s a good fit in many ways with Daniels Electronics. Codan targeted Daniels as a means to grow its market share and diversify its radio-communications product offering, according to an article by the TC’s Andrew Duffy, who has long acted as a champion to document life in Greater Victoria’s growing tech sector:

The release suggested the transaction was a winwin, with Codan getting an established North American market while Daniels products will now be distributed more further afield, including in the emerging world.

Daniels Electronics is one of the oldest technology companies in British Columbia, and has been located in a James Bay in downtown Victoria for almost that long.

Daniels has been a pioneering member of the P25 Digital standard, for radio system interoperability between emergency response governmental organizations, providing enhanced functionality and encryption. Our products operate between 29 – 869 MHz and are available in a variety of Base Station and Repeater configurations for two way voice and mobile data applications.