JASCO Research Ltd.

Jasco Research Ltd.
#2305 – 4464 Markham Street, V8Z 7X8
Victoria, British Columbia

Phone: 250.483.3300
Fax: 250.483.3301
Email: info@jasco.com
Web: www.jasco.com

JASCO Research Ltd is a 100% Canadian owned and operated research and development firm established in 1981. Our research team is composed of professionals drawn from a broad range of disciplines including underwater acoustics, geophysics, physics, electrical, mechanical and software engineering, and computer science. The company conducts applied research under contract in the areas of distributed environmental monitoring, physical oceanography, underwater acoustics, scientific data analysis, operations research, geophysics and computer software development. JASCO Research also produces or distributes several oceanographic and software products.

The activities of JASCO Research Ltd fall into four broad categories: applied research in sea-, ground- and air-based acoustics, applied scientific software development, internet-based information technology development and oceanographic product development and production.

Our applied research in acoustics has included projects carried out under contract for the Canadian and US Defence Departments, as well as for major oil production and exploration companies. These projects include research in mine-countermeasures, low frequency sound propagation, development of beam-formers for towed arrays, studies of global warming, underwater- and surface-based sound propagation studies, ambient noise in the Arctic, and matched field processing for source detection and geo-acoustic parameter inversion. The company is fully equipped to provide field monitoring of acoustic noise and subsequent analysis of the data.

JASCO provides systems integration services and oceanographic sensor development and production. We provide services in the areas of environmental, oceanographic, geophysical and acoustical consulting, instrumentation, automated control and expert systems, digital image processing and scientific data analysis. Some of JASCO’s past projects have included advanced marine biology instrumentation and military sensor systems.