Welcome Visitors and Guests!

We are very excited to announce that we now have complimentary guest parking stalls at the front of the building, and complimentary guest parking stalls at the back, further increasing the level of hospitality that we offer visitors to the park. These stalls are complimentary and are specifically for ‘Guests Only’ for 2 hours or less. If you anticipate that your visit at VITP will be longer than two hours please park in the general parking areas (labelled in GREEN below) and purchase a ticket from a terminal.

For Employees:

VITP provides three parking lots for our employees that are managed by Robbins Parking. Parking at VITP is greatly influenced by our green initiatives that exist in our LEED certification. Our front lot is equipped with AquaPave Permeable On-site Stormwater Source Control System, which is a highly recognized product for storm water management. Employee parking is not permitted in Guest Stalls.

Specialized parking is available at VITP for regular-sized vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and Smart Cars. Monthly parking inquires should  be directed to Robbins Parking by calling 250.382.4411 or emailing Once you have arranged for monthly parking your decal will be available for pickup from the VITP Collaboration Centre desk.

Short Term Parking Options:

For short term parking rates in the front and rear lots (outlined in GREEN) please see below.

Parking Meters – $2.50 for 4 hours, $5.00 all day, $22.50 weekly.

Motorcycle & Smart Car Parking: 50% discount. Please contact Robbins Parking to obtain these special parking rates and tags.

Long Term Parking Options:

If you find yourself driving to work more often than not, signing up for a Monthly Parking Permit is the most cost effective solution.

$64 monthly in the front and rear lots, and $54 in the North lot only. The North lot requires a special tag and purchasers of this tag will not be permitted to park in other lots onsite. Please note that due to high demand for North lot permits, a wait-list will be created once the maximum number of permits have been assigned.

These meters accept coins and credit cards but do not give change.

Be sure to keep your hourly, daily or weekly passes safe, as these cannot be reimbursed.

For monthly parking permits please contact:

Robbins Parking