A company of innovation and strong technological aptitude, cebas aims to provide opportunities for new talent to share their ideas in such surroundings is what, we believe, makes them stand out and stay on top. cebas has called the Vancouver Technology Park home for nearly two years.

The cebas / UVic collaboration helps both achieve just that through its continuous strive to explore and grow local talent.

Cebas is working tirelessly with University of Victoria’s Department of Computer Sciences – Graphics lab – on one of the company’s major projects to further enhance their products adding unique features and ensuring impeccable outcomes.

The project focuses on the science of developing methods to simulate water through cebas’ thinkingParticles tool; a rule-based particle systems offering unlimited combination of conditions and operators that define the behavior of each single particle in a particle system.

Computer Sciences Master degree candidate, Jonathan Cobb, is an example of such great talent. The post-graduate student has been providing input, hard work and research material of high quality under the guidance of his direct supervisor Professor Brian Wyvill and internship program supervisor Professor Bruce Gooch.

Results, so far, have been of great significance indicating promising and timely progress. Cebas is certain that the project, once completed, will add immense value to thinkingParticles, with its already powerful and unique capabilities, and -in turn- the industry as a whole.

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Nikki de Goey is the Manager of Culture and Corporate Relations at Vancouver Island Technology Park.