Join us in welcoming Peter Kuran as the new CEO of UVic External Properties!

UVic Properties announces new CEO

The University of Victoria has appointed Peter Kuran to lead the restructured management of its non-academic real estate properties, including the Vancouver Island Technology Park and the Marine Technology Park.

Kuran has a diverse background of commercial real estate and hospitality management expertise, exceptional strategic planning, as well as successful engagement initiatives and partnerships to foster creative solutions with community, corporate and First Nations groups.

Kuran was most recently deputy general manager with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, where he was responsible for a significant commercial real estate portfolio. Prior to that, he was Director of Commercial Services at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Polytechnic in Calgary and Director of Commercial Services for the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto.

“The portfolio that comprises UVic Properties is in a great position and we will ensure the holdings continue to be managed consistent with the university’s core mission and for those that were donated, the wishes of donors who entrusted us with them,” says Kuran. “I’ll be doing my utmost to carry on the commitment to the community that is well-established and widely recognized.”

UVic Properties includes management of: the Vancouver Island Technology Park and Marine Technology Park; Heritage Realty Property; and other off-campus holdings such as the Queenswood and Dunsmuir sites.

During this transitional period, please continue to contact our Team via the usual avenues as listed:

Leasing: or 250.483.3204
Building Maintenance: or 250.483.3282
Business Services: or 250.483.3204
Administration and Communications: or 250.483.3203
Conference Room Bookings: or 250.483.3206
Security: or 250.483.3215