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Monthly Archives: January 2015

ICE Fund Puts $6.6M Into ‘SMART’ Windows, Clean Energy

The Province is investing $6.6 million in two cutting-edge clean technology projects – one that will create synthetic gas from waste wood […]

Peter Gustavson Donates $10 Million to UVic Business

Written by: Carla Wilson, Times Colonist Reporter, March 19, 2010 Link to video:  UVic Business Video When Victoria businessman Peter Gustavson gave […]

Power To Play Challenge at VITP on A Channel News

Check out the TD Power To Play 2010 Lauch on ‘A’ Channel News March 3, 2010. Featuring: Hudson Mack, Tim Cormode and […]

LifeSciences BC Announces Recipients of the 2010 LifeSciences British Columbia Awards

LifeSciences British Columbia today announced the recipients of the 2010 LifeSciences British Columbia Awards. They are: Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence: […]

Olympic Gold Medal in Energy Efficiency

Vancouver scored highly as an Olympic venue despite weather concerns. Equally impressive, the Winter Games also scored well in terms of their […]

President & CEO of BCTIA Weighs in on 2010 Provincial and Federal Budgets

On March 2, the British Columbia government introduced its 2010 budget, and the federal government tabled theirs two days later.  Given the […]

Royal Mail Taps eBay Data for Direct Marketing Targeting Tool

UK— The Royal Mail has teamed up with eBay data analysis firm Advanced E-Commerce Research Systems (AERS) to launch a new service […]

Vancouver Island Technology Park Speaker Series to Kick-off with Don Listwin

On March 4, 2010, Canary Foundation Founder Don Listwinwill speak to high-tech executives in Victoria, BC regarding current issues that face the […]