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Power to Play 2013 Registration is now OPEN!

Power To Play Corporate Challenge is back for 2013! On Thursday May 30 at a new top secret location! This outdoor adventure race will see 35 corporate teams fundraise while competing in fun mind-bending and physical challenges designed to get racers invigorated, energized and muddy.

Proceeds will support nature-based programs for youth and families in need of support in our communityLast year’s event sold out quickly so please contact us 250-385-2363 or for additional information.

Fast Facts

When: Thursday May 30, 2013, TOP SECRET NEW LOCATION – details coming soon

Registration: 11:00 am

Race: Noon – 4 pm

Afterparty, Bard & Banker Pub [map]: 5pm- 9pm

Limited to 35 teams

4 individuals per team

All individuals must be 19+ years of age

$1600 entry fee

Recommended fundraising goal: $3000 per team

Prizes for top fundraising team and fastest team!

REGISTER TODAY to reserve your spot!

Check out the photo gallery from past years here.

UVic Restructures Real Estate Portfolio Management

The University of Victoria is restructuring the management of its non-academic real estate assets and has created a new position, Chief Executive Officer, to provide strategic leadership of the entire non-academic real estate portfolio.

Over the past 12 years, UVic’s non-academic property holdings off campus have increased substantially, to the point where the university now has significant holdings including ongoing businesses (Swans Hotel and Brew Pub received as part of the bequest from Michael Williams), properties that provide support for innovation and commercialization such as Vancouver Island Technology Park and other properties.

We are looking for someone who has the broad expertise in real estate portfolio management to optimize the return to the university and enhance the long term value of this incredibly diverse portfolio. This individual will also need to ensure that the university’s property holdings are managed in a way that supports the university’s core mission and, in the case of donated property, is consistent with the wishes of the donor and the purposes for which the gift was made. At VITP, the new CEO will need to continue to work closely and in partnership with its tenants.

With the creation of this new position with broader responsibilities, the position of president, technology parks has been eliminated.

The board of UVic Properties wants to express its thanks to Dale Gann for the role he has played in helping to build the Vancouver Island Technology Park into the vibrant facility it is today, and for his broader contributions to economic development and the technology sector within the greater Victoria area. We wish him well in his future endeavours.

Glynn Jones, currently controller for UVic Properties, will be responsible for the day to day administration at VITP until the CEO of the real estate portfolio is appointed. A search process for the CEO is currently underway.

The VITP is a vital part of UVic’s future. The university’s commitment to our tenants and to the success of VITP remains undiminished, and we look forward to continuing to work together on our shared goals through the immediate transition period and under the leadership of the new CEO.

SendtoNews Signs Video Distribution Partnership with Black Press Group

One of North America’s largest independent newspaper companies joins SendtoNews’ News Partnership Network™

VANCOUVER, BC, December 3, 2012 – Digital sports news agency SendtoNews is pleased to announce it has signed a guaranteed distribution partnership with the Black Press Group, adding Canada’s largest independently-owned newspaper company to its growing News Partnership Network™.

“We’re excited to welcome Black Press Group, a publisher of more than 150 North American newspapers, to our network of news distributors,” states SendtoNews’ CEO, Greg Bobolo. “This agreement gives many of our development league content providers such as the AHL and NBA D-League teams a guaranteed distribution pipeline to their hometown markets while also providing our sponsors additional large-scale reach into regional markets in Western Canada and the USA.”

The Black Press Group represents over a million online readers in communities across British Columbia and Alberta, as well as in Washington, Hawaii, California and Ohio. “SendtoNews’ selection of digital-ready sports video highlights are of interest to our local communities,” states Elizabeth Dutton, Black Press Group Vice-President, Digital. “SendtoNews is allowing us to introduce top-quality video to our online properties while opening up new revenue streams.”

Through its cloud-based platform, SendtoNews consolidates and manages the distribution of sports video highlights from professional sports leagues and top-tier amateur events, and then markets this inventory for major brand sponsorship.  It offers a unique revenue share model that ensures all entities in the distribution chain – from the content creator through to the broadcaster or publisher – are fairly compensated.  “Our model has been incredibly well-received in both the advertising and news industries,” continues Bobolo.  “This new partnership with Black Press Group is one of many recent partnership announcements, and our News Partnership Network™ now includes dozens of major media entities representing hundreds of millions of online video viewers continent-wide.”

About Black Press Group

Black Press Group is a media conglomerate operating some of the oldest, most trusted community newspapers in North America, with operations in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Hawaii, California and Ohio.  It also is the largest independently-owned newspaper company in Canada, with more than 170 titles in print and online. For more information, visit

About SendtoNews

SendtoNews debuted its state-of-the-art multimedia distribution platform at the 2010 Winter Olympics and today distributes content for a growing roster of leading content providers and premier sports organizations, including Major League Soccer, America’s Cup Sailing, the American Hockey League and the NBA D-League.

SendtoNews delivers outstanding upside for content creators (such as leagues and teams), news outlets and major brands.  By aggregating and directing the distribution of content that has been traditionally delivered in a non-structured, decentralized way, SendtoNews is able to present a significant, unified inventory of content for umbrella sponsorship.  This creates an attractive opportunity for major brands or their marketing agencies to reach hyper-local audiences of avid sports fans in each team market.  More importantly, they can make a mass sponsorship purchase for game highlights in all team markets at once, or a selection of markets, efficiently through a single source.  This is a new and significant opportunity for advertisers looking to reach deep into an audience segment to attract new consumers.  In addition, SendtoNews’ content sponsorship costs are performance-based and backed by solid, near real-time metrics.

For members of its News Partnership Network™, SendtoNews offers (1) 24/7 access to sought-after, professional sports video content, and (2) a share of the sponsorship revenues in return for guaranteed distribution. SendtoNews enables its news partners to meet the growing, almost insatiable demand for sports highlight content – while building new ‘digital era’ revenue streams to help offset declining traditional revenue sources.

Headquartered in Victoria, with affiliate sales offices in Vancouver, Toronto, New York and San Francisco, SendtoNews is a trusted source of broadcast-quality sports highlights for over a thousand newsrooms across North America and abroad, including CBC, TSN, CTV, Global TV, ESPN, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, IMG Media, the Globe & Mail, Postmedia and others. For more information, visit, follow @sendtonews, or call toll free 855.590.1991.

NOTE TO EDITOR: Video Interview Clip of SendtoNews CEO Greg Bobolo available for download or embed via SendtoNews at

Media Contacts:

David Davies

VP, Communications


Mobile: 250.744.7415

Toll Free: 855.590.1991



Elizabeth Dutton

Vice-President, Digital

Black Press Group

Phone: 250-480-3231

E-mail: edutton@blackpress.ca

Graduate Student Connie Sobsey Awarded a Rix Family Leading Edge Student Award

Congratulations to graduate student Connie Sobsey for being awarded a Rix Family Leading Edge Student award for the next 2 years of her graduate studies.

This award is a result of the Leading Edge Endowment Fund (LEEF). Last year, on July 21, 2011 Minister Pat Bell announced the appointment of Dr. Christoph Borchers, one of the world’s top proteomics researchers, as the Don and Eleanor Rix B.C. Leadership Chair in Biomedical and Environmental Proteomics. The chair comes with an endowment of $4.5 million – $2.25 million donated by the Rix Family Foundation established by Dr. Donald Rix, a leading physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who passed away in 2009. The Province provided the other $2.25 million from its Leading Edge Endowment Fund. Read more on VITP’s Blog here.

What is the UVic-Genome BC Proteomics Centre?

Located at UVic’s Vancouver Island Technology Park near Victoria, the UVic-Genome BC Proteomics Centre is a world-class facility used by regional, national and international academic and industry researchers. It is also a national proteomics platform for large-scale research projects funded by Genome Canada and the Canadian government.

With equipment valued at more than $8 million and highly trained staff, the centre provides modern mass spectrometry, separation sciences, bioinformatics, information technology and project management.

Mass spectrometers are powerful instruments that can identify a protein or part of a protein by its molecular weight. They are so accurate they can measure the mass of a proton or less. The centre has the highest concentration of mass spectrometers at any Canadian university and one of the highest in North America.

The centre’s research program focuses on the use of proteomics tools and technologies in the life sciences, including agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and human and environmental health.

The centre’s research partners include scientists-especially biologists and clinicians-in universities, hospitals, government labs and industry in areas with potentially significant benefits to B.C. and Canada.

The centre is funded by provincial, national and international funding agencies, including Genome Canada and Genome BC, the National Institutes of Health, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Western Economic Diversification Canada, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the B.C. Knowledge Development Fund and UVic.

What is proteomics?

Just as genomics is the study of all the genetic material in a plant or animal, proteomics is the study of all the proteins – antibodies, enzymes and structural molecules – directed by the genes to keep cells functioning and healthy.

The genome is a relatively static array of instructions for creating proteins and telling them what to do. But the proteome is a dynamic entity that at any given moment in time reflects the environment a cell is in.

There are an estimated one million proteins in the human proteome. Some are needed for routine cell functions. Others are critical to special processes such as cell division. The role of many others is unknown.

Proteins can occur in different locations within the body at different stages in a person’s life and can change within a single cell. Some are abundant. Others – the ones most often associated with disease – exist in tiny amounts.

Proteomics research is applicable to just about every area of biochemical investigation including health, agriculture, fisheries and forestry. In medicine, it is fundamental to the development of new diagnostic tests and drugs to detect and treat diseases such as cancer.

What is the Leading Edge Endowment Fund, and what is a B.C. leadership chair?

The Province of British Columbia has invested more than $1.8 billion in research and innovation in the past decade. This includes $56.25 million to establish 29 permanent research chairs under the Leading Edge Endowment Fund – some of the best-funded research chairs in Canada. Post-secondary institutions and external partners provide matching funding.

LEEF attracts world-class researchers to B.C., promotes economic growth and job creation, strengthens the province’s position as a centre of excellence in research, matches government funding with money from the private sector and individual donors, and promotes the unique roles that B.C. universities and colleges play in innovation in British Columbia.

Two types of chairs are funded by LEEF endowments: B.C. leadership chairs at the province’s four research-intensive universities to further medical, social, environmental and technological research; and regional innovation chairs to create opportunities in communities through B.C.’s colleges, institutes and teaching-focused universities.

 Learn More:

Leading Edge Endowment Fund:

University of Victoria Genome BC Proteomics

Dr. Donald Rix biography:

Government of B.C. Research and

PISE offers complimentary Drop-in to first time clients! Give them a try on your next lunch hour!

Did you know that VITP is only steps away from a leading edge, Olympic training facility where you can take your fitness to the next level? Check out the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE)!

PISE has a variety of extended services available from Personal Training; a variety of Programs and Boot Camps; Children’s Programs and Summer Camps; Seminars; and much more! Complete service listings can be found on their website at:

Contact the PISE front desk (250-220-2510) with any inquiries you may have.


VITP supports the 2012 United Way Campaign!

VITP is excited to be participating in the 2012 United Way Campaign!

The United Way is focusing on three major issues that affect our community:

  • All that Kids can be– child and youth programs that prevent bullying, enhance self esteem and increase school success
  • Healthy people, Strong Communities– Programs that help individuals overcome isolation, mental health and addiction issues while building strong community connections
  • From Poverty to possibility– Programs to help individuals develop skills to move out of poverty and become self-sufficient

Through our campaign, VITP is hoping to increase awareness of these issues and raise money to help. The United Way works together with a variety of charities to tackle issues in our community. In addition, the United Way works to make sure any fiscal donations are dealt with in the most efficient manner that will have the greatest effect.

Let’s help make a change in our local community, and donate to VITP’s United Way Campaign!

For more information check out the United Way of Greater Victoria’s website  and their Facebook Page.

Dactyl Applications pioneers a new vision for education in the classroom

Dactyl Applications Inc. co-founder Curtis Duggan sits opposite me, surveying a single-page double-sided laminated lunch menu. The venue for our meeting is my favourite local patio, Nourish Garden Bistro, a two-minute walk from the Vancouver Island Technology Park. Curtis and his two other co-founders have recently chosen to move their newly-launched company to VITP. It becomes apparent within minutes of sitting down, that Curtis is highly analytical and precise, as he scans the double-sided menu featuring local, wholesome, home-cooked food, he recites aloud the name of an unfamiliar menu item: “Chicken paprikash. What is that? I’ll have to Wikipedia it later.”

We are meeting over lunch to discuss Dactyl Applications Inc., or ‘Dactyl’ as the co-founding team refers to it in shorthand. Dactyl was founded in June of this year with a mission to design and develop apps for the mobile and tablet markets. The company has achieved early success by focusing on the educational market. Their first product, ‘MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined’ was released in August and has already sold over five thousand copies and earned highly positive reviews, including a feature review on TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) an influential tech blog.

The founding team includes Curtis, a Royal Roads University Bachelor of Commerce graduate, as well as his brother, lead coder Connor Duggan and lead designer Justin Barcelos. The company was started in a makeshift office in Justin Barcelos’ basement, but their brief stint there ended when they decided to relocate to the burgeoning Innov8 Hub, a newly created physical environment at VITP ideal for startups and small companies. The company plans to build on their initial success with more proprietary educational apps, while entertaining the possibility of creating a separate revenue stream by taking on contracts to build apps as a service to other businesses.

Interested to learn more about Dactyl, their start-up journey, their product line up and where they are headed next I had a few questions prepared for Curtis.

Q1: What were the driving forces in your decision to leave your stable 9-5 job and start your own tech company?

I was actually very happy working in my previous operations management and administration-type role at a local major real estate development. The inception of Dactyl came suddenly, earlier this year, as the three co-founders coalesced around a single idea and realized we had the complementary skills to build a team that could pull it off. My brother, Connor, had been working as a freelance app developer in Vancouver for several years, and Justin had been interested in designing apps for several years as well. At one point in the spring my brother asked me if I had an idea for an app. I pitched him an app concept called ‘Curt’s Multiplication’ which evolved into MultiFlow. We built the first prototype during a weeklong vacation in Phoenix. We showed it to Justin when we got back. He liked the idea but was adamant it wouldn’t sell unless it looked better visually. We started working with Justin on improving the visual design and the company came together organically over the summer through that partnership. It became clear to me, as I started working more and more evenings and weekends, that I wouldn’t be able to launch and market this app and future apps successfully while still working full-time.

Q2: What attracted you to locate your office at VITP? Why the Innov8 Hub?

I attended Camosun for several years and had done a co-op term with a company here years ago, so I was aware of the physical location and mandate of VITP. We were getting a bit cramped in the basement and wanted to find space that would inspire us and provide us with physical and spiritual room to grow and achieve. We were not aware of the Innov8 Hub when we inquired with VITP about space, but on our first visit to the Tech Park to look at our options, Dale Gann took us on a tour of the building and explained his vision for the Hub as a collaborative, open and engaging space for companies just like us. We are certainly pioneers in the building, but I think the intangible benefits of being in the Innov8 Hub will continue to grow as we are joined by more companies and the community grows.


German based company, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group opens first Canadian office at the Vancouver Island Tech Park


Rick Gerbrecht, CEO of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK CANADA, a subsidiary of the German based company ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GROUP. They specialize in maritime systems and technology such as sonars and torpedoes. They have recently incorporated in Canada and have established a Head Quarters at the Vancouver Island Tech Park.
Photograph by: Bruce Stotesbury , Times Colonist
Read the full Times Colonist article here.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group, a worldwide-acting company for maritime defence electronics, announced earlier this week that they have officially incorporated in Canada and that they have decided to establish their national headquarters in Victoria, BC at the Vancouver Island Technology Park. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Canada Ltd has been set up to establish a strong and reliable partnership with the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian authorities. As potential main contractor, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Canada will provide Atlas products and solutions for current and future Canadian users. This is an important step within the globalization strategy of the company, which is based with its headquarters in Germany.

I had the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with Rick Gerbrecht, CEO of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Canada, to ask him a few in-depth questions about why the company chose to set up shop in Victoria and, more specifically, establish an office at VITP. I was also curious about what he would be focusing the company’s efforts on over the next six months, in other words would I be seeing torpedoes and underwater unmanned vehicles being assembled down the hall from my office?

Q1: What were the decision-making factors when choosing what Canadian city to locate the subsidiary?

RG: “I’ll have to answer this one from two perspectives. Personally speaking, I’ve been the company’s Director of Canadian Business Development while working from my home in Saanich. It was mutually understood that if ATLAS ELEKTRONIK moved forward with expansion efforts in Canada, Victoria would be a candidate location for the subsidiary. Being an international company we’re set up to conduct ‘geographically displaced project management’ so I was afforded a degree of latitude to consider my current place of residence as an option. 

From the business perspective there were certain strategic objectives that were considered in the decision point.  Firstly, being located in proximity to a National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy  (NSPS) designated Shipyard was key. Secondly, being located near a Naval Dockyard was of equal importance given that, in my line of work, this is the location where the majority of our in-service support occurs. The VICTORIA-Class Submarine extended refit program is also carried out in Esquimalt and we provide support to the submarines now.  Many people may not be aware of the fact that all four of our Canadian submarines undergo extensive refurbishment at the SeaSpan yard. Victoria is also at the mouth of the Asia-Pacific Gateway so this location aligns with our ongoing global expansion efforts.  Lastly, Vancouver Island has a number of recognized post-secondary institutions and I am assigned the additional mandate to identify R&D initiatives to support indigenous growth with appropriate research talent.”

So, aside from already residing in Saanich, all of the start-up business objectives were satisfied with the Victoria location. Yes, I am quite pleased with the outcome and level of trust my corporate leadership has placed in me to permit investment in Victoria. I believe the right decision was made.”

Q2: Why was VITP the chosen location in Victoria to establish an office?

RG: “The global nature of our company has made us comfortable running operations from any location and during my due diligence process I did assess a number of venues across the country.  VITP not only offered the most comprehensive list of services and amenities, but it also proved to be the most economic location to operate and nurture growth.  My appreciation of the Marine Technology Centre (MTC), which is solely dedicated to facilitating the growth of the ocean and marine technology sector, was also recognized by my corporate authority.  I anticipate as Atlas Canada grows we will require, along with project management, the addition of production and field testing capabilities.  MTC’s access to the waters of Patricia Bay, the Federal Institute of Ocean Sciences, and the new Victoria Airport Business Park collectively support the option to move when potential project work dictates. VITP boasts the benefit of collaboration through co-location and I think there’s some value in that statement and I intend to leverage opportunities while being located at the park.”

Q3: What will you be working on over the next six months?

RG: “ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is successfully executing contracts with the Federal Government now; however, these products and services are being delivered from offshore. The establishment of the Canadian subsidiary has secured what I describe as the essential beachhead: we have secured registry with Industry Canada; we are a legal entity; we will create employment for Canadians; and, we will compete to provide proven and mature technology managed in Canada. We are positioned to deliver leading solutions in areas such as mine detection & disposal, sonar, and command & control in support of the Royal Canadian Navy and the National Shipbuilding and Procurement Strategy effort.”

Finally, when I asked if I would be seeing torpedoes being wheeled down the hallways of VITP, Rick laughed and succinctly replied, “No, perhaps a submarine sandwich or two… ”

For more information:


ATLAS ELEKTRONIK CANADA Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH of Bremen, Germany and serves the Canadian market with a specific focus on Command & Control, sonar, and unmanned vehicles.  ATLAS ELEKTRONIK CANADA is strategically located in proximity to the Royal Canadian Navy’s Pacific Fleet and a NSPS Shipyard and is capable of providing any of the ATLAS Group products as well as a broad range of associated technical and logistics support services for the entire product life cycle.


The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group stands for maritime and naval solutions above and below the ocean surface. The company holds a leading position in all fields of maritime high technology, from command & control systems including radio & communication systems for submarines, surface combatants and mine warfare systems and ranging to heavyweight torpedoes, coastal surveillance systems and in-service support. ATLAS has established a worldwide customer portfolio. The electronics specialist is a joint company of ThyssenKrupp and EADS and has a workforce of 1900 highly skilled employees.

Media Inquires:


Rick Gerbrecht

Suite 2202D-4464 Markham St

Victoria BC, V8Z 7X8

Tel: 1-778-224-1010

Mobile: 1-250-812-9897



SendtoNews sends its sports syndication network onto the field

Congratulations to SendtoNews as they just announced that they have procured $3 million in seed funding to launch its sports video network. Official Release below!

SendtoNews Raises $3M Venture Funding from RevenueWire Co-Founders to Roll Out Sports Video Network

September 13, 2012– Digital news agency SendtoNews today announced that it has secured $3 million in venture funding from a BC-based investment group comprising the co-founders of RevenueWire Inc.: Don Wharton, Elton Pereira, Adrian Pereira and Myron Pereira.  All The funds will be used to roll out a new North American digital sports video distribution network, the SendtoNews News Partnership Network™.

“We now have the financing to complete the launch of the continent’s first expansive sports video distribution network for the digital age,” said company CEO Greg Bobolo. “Initial interest from newsrooms is very high and we are in active discussions with more than 30 strategic partners.”

The SendtoNews News Partnership Network™ is a guaranteed, centralized network for multimedia sports content to be gathered and distributed across North America from the hyper-local to regional and national levels.

Traditional and digital news agencies who become partners in the News Partnership Network™ will instantly plug into a rich library of sought after, premium digital sports content and thereby access a wealth of new and innovative revenue streams that fuse the best of broadcast advertising with the customizability and monitoring of the internet.


Times Colonist: Raise a Reader Day Septemeber 19, 2012

Victoria, BC: The Times Colonist joins newspapers across Canada for Raise-a-Reader Day in support of family literacy. The charity is in its 11th year as a national fundraiser, helping children get the right start in life through literacy.

TOMORROW, September 19th, between 7:30 am and 9:00 am hundreds of volunteers – including local celebrities, sponsors and literacy beneficiaries – will blanket downtown Victoria streets and 4 (four) local Peninsula Co-op locations including Millstream, Pat Bay Highway, Royal Oak and Keating X Road. Decked out in their bright green t-shirts, they’ll be hawking special edition copies of the Times Colonist for donations to Raise a Reader.

Why give?

More than 40% of Canadian adults have literacy skills below the level needed to succeed in

today’s society and economy.

Improving literacy levels has a positive impact on our community’s economy and social wellbeing.

100% of the money collected on Raise a Reader Day stays on Vancouver Island, and is distributed to school libraries and literacy programs, including Literacy Victoria, The READ Society, the Greater Victoria Public Library, Peninsula Connections for Early Childhood and more.

The Times Colonist provides the time and resources to carry out the program so that every penny donated on Raise a Reader Day goes to our beneficiaries.

Raise a Reader Day would not happen without the hundreds of volunteers and community partners who support the campaign including Peninsula Co-op, UVIC, The Strathcona Hotel, Serious Coffee and CHEK TV.

Since its inception 11 years ago Raise a Reader nationally has collected over 20 million dollars.

Support family literacy in our community with your donation on September 19. Reading is a gift – please help give it.

For more information, please contact:

Shannon Kowalko, Promotions & Community Relations Manager

The Times Colonist

Office – 250.380.5379

Mobile – 250.883.2762