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MRM Proteomics MRM Proteomics Inc.
#2108 – 4464 Markham Street, V8Z 7X8
Victoria, British Columbia

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MRM Proteomics is a is a leader in providing advanced protein quantification and targeted proteomics services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries in key areas such as biomarker discovery/validation, clinical studies, diagnostics and toxicology. We specialize in the highly multiplexed quantitation of protein biomarkers (100+) in complex biological samples such as blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine and other fluids/lysates through the use of Multiple Reaction Monitoring-Mass Spec (MRM-MS) assays using isotopically labeled internal standards. MRM Proteomics’ targeted proteomics workflows utilize minimal sample volumes (20 ul) and are capable of unparalleled specificity and sensitivity, without the need for depletion of high-abundance proteins.