Canada Sensors Technology Inc.

Canada Sensors Technology Inc.
#2K – 4476 Markham Street, V8Z 7X8
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Phone: 250-588-8085

From Ron Hafichuk, President, and Managing Director of Canada Sensors Technology Inc. ( CST ) and CST Asia Manufacturing Limited

(CSTA), is pleased to become one of the latest residents of the Vancouver Island Technology Park.

CST, a Canadian Corporation formed in 2009, is a pressure and level transmitter manufacturing unit that will be manufacturing high-tech transmitters for the North and South American markets.

CSTA was formed in 2014 and is a registered company in Hong Kong. CSTA will be manufacturing high-tech pressure and level transmitters on the world renowned Hong Kong Science Park for the Asian, European, Scandinavian, African and Australian markets.

The Phase One CST and CSTA 2-wire transmitters will be a mid-entry price level product that will have several different protocols, a wide operational temperature range, as well as one of the most reliable accuracies in the business.  Each transmitter will be HART ™ enabled and will also have very sophisticated electronics that integrate polynomials to maintain the transmitter accuracy at the stated temperatures ( -40 to + 125C )  while under pressures from vacuum to 20,000 PSI / 140,000 KPA. The one piece ( monolithic-block ) sensor head is made from machined stainless steel and has no o-rings.

An optional molecular coating can be applied to the process connection and sensor wetted parts for corrosion resistance of chemicals and corrosive gases.

With the use of the additional barometric POD ( Patent Pending ), the transmitter will maintain zero ( no calibration shift ) at any altitude or below sea level, giving the user the best accuracy while no pre-calibration is required for start-up.

These sophisticated and robust transmitters will be offered to the global market in early 2016.

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